Best for private landlords seeking to automate rent management and keep everything organised

Forever free all-in-one long term rent management solution for landlords & tenants


Automated rent & utilities collection + recuring invoicing

Forget about late rent payments, manual invoices and provide most comfortable payment experience for your tenants

Automated rent payments collection

Automated monthly utilities and other services payments collection

Automated monthly invoices

Invoices archive and sharing

Multiple bank accounts for different properties


Automated reminders & communication

System will cover all reminders, important messages and all other uncomfortable communication. No more worries about rent dues or expired lease agreements.

Lease tracking and expiration reminders

Rent payment reminders

Important notifications

Centralised documents and communication in one place

No more lost documents & scattered communication trough different channels. Everything organised, everything in one place.

Leases and other document cloud storage and access anytime

Secure document sharing with your tenants

Centralised online communication with tenants

Unlimited server space for your data and documents

Maintenance issues registry and management

Manage, track and solve all maintenance issues in one place and get detailed information about each issue from your tenants.

Maintenance issues registry and management system

Maintenance issues statistics

Problem solving communication and statuses

Detailed issues description with pictures

Immediate notifications about maintenance issues


Self-service environment for your tenants

Take your rent to next level with full scope self-service environment for your tenants to provide superior rent experience

Invoices archive


Maintenance issues reporting system


Dashboard with all important information

Automated email notifications

And… all this – FOR FREE.

Use absolutely free up to 2 properties with ability to add
as many properties as you need just for 7.50 EUR/month/extra property.

Calculate how much you would save by using PROPERENTY LIGHT for rent management:

The calculations are performed by applying the average hourly wage in the EU after taxes and statistical information about the average number of hours per month landlords spend on rent administration, estimating how much PROPERENTY reduces time costs and estimating the amount paid for the platform depending on the number of objects

How many rental properties do you manage?


By using PROPERENTY LIGHT you would save:
37,4 Eur/month or 448,8 Eur/year

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