Did you know that only 1% of landlords provide self-service space to their tenants?

When you think about all the rental activities – documents, payments, bills, utilities, communication, maintenance issues – a self-service space covering all of these parts seems like a matter of course and a mandatory part of the rental.



PROPERENTY changes rental standards, and we pay no less attention to the convenience of tenants. All landlords who use PROPERENTY to manage their rent by inviting their tenants provide them with a self-service space to conveniently manage and deal with all tenancy issues.

The tenants` self-service area consists of:

Convenient and centralized access to all documents related to your rental.

Convenient centralized communication with the landlord or administrator

All payments information, invoices, and automatic rent payments

Maintenance issues solution to register and solve issues

Collection and accounting of utility taxes

Useful statistical information related to your lease

Possibility to order various additional services such as cleaning, parking, etc. (PRO version only)

Recently joined PROPERENTY as tenant?

Are you a landlord or rental administrator?

Start using PROPERENTY for free and give your tenants a very comfortable self-service space

Are you a TENANT?

Invite your landlord to use PROPERENTY for free and enjoy a convenient self-service area for all your rental matters.

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