The world’s easiest way to sign agreements, onboard tenants, automatically collect rent, manage properties, track financials, and much more. Manage the entire rental process in one place from anywhere at any time.

Carefully crafted by landlords. For landlords.

There are many types of residential long-term rentals.
We fit them all

Any property might be suitable to let. Employ to earn from what you've got.


Managing your rental property has never been easier. Reduce your managing costs by up to 70% with PROPERENTY and provide great experience for your tenants.


Manage your business with handy and reliable property tools. Full scope management & onboarding solution.

Student Housing

Easy online onboarding, remote agreements signing, students management, students self-service space and much more.

Rent to buy

Automated invoicing, rent collection and tenants` self-service space for your business.

Start free. No credit card required. Instant account setup

Features that help you thrive

A proper property rent saves costs, reduces operational risks, helps analyze, optimize, and grow business. Step forward by automating all the daily routine.

Your personal listings website & full scope rent system

Enjoy full scope rent system & listing website to show and promote your properties exclusively. It may be easily incorporated into the landlord’s existing site or run alone. You choose.

Auto payments

Forget delays - automatically collect rent by charging your tenants credit card, as well as automated invoicing, fines, reminders, payment history. No need for manual work anymore.

Extra services

Earn much more by adding your extra services, such as cleaning, parking, etc. E-shop like functionality will get you additional revenue streams and happy customers.

Remote customer’s onboard

Onboard your tenants entirely online with contracts automatically set for you. Safe and easy.

Grow your business

Track all your operation and documentation history, billing, profitability, communication with tenants, and so much more. It's a tool to save your business operational costs up to 70%. And that’s a lot.

One glance thing

Super easy dashboard, which helps operate efficiently, automate processes, and see all the essential updates at one glance.

Team management

Onboard your team for specific tasks, such as customer communication, issue solving, etc. Check the processes whenever you feel you need to.

Know your customer and compliance

Before the contract is signed, the tenant’s ID is verified through remote person identification tools, approved Worldwide. Contracts and signatures are legal and compliance around the Globe. So, you're sure who you're dealing with.

Happy tenant

When onboarding your tenants, they get their dashboard for paying rent, accessing documents, reporting issues, fast, and smooth remote communication with you. The joy is mutual.

Our Story

We are landlords who have been managing various property rent manually for almost a decade. And the truth is, manual work leads nowhere.

We crafted PROPERENTY to automate all the managing work, decrease operational risks, and increase efficiency, so that property rent is finally proper.  

Now we’re happy to see, PROPERENTY is a tool, that landlords appreciate around the World. Join us on the way to smarter, efficient business growth.

Rent tips

We don’t stop here

We’re always adding new features to optimise and grow your business!


Feel free to address your questions or share your ideas on PROPERENTY improvements, as we’re here to help you grow.

We’ll get back to you soon, wherever you’re in the World.

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